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Owning your own Discus aquarium is a enjoyable and intensely worthwhile experience. However before installing an aquarium you will need to are aware that discus are very sensitive to their surroundings, hence good aquarium installation is very important.

Discus are a popular pet for a lot of hobbyists because of their lively natures. In fact, they are probably the most beloved aquatic pets by both parents and youngsters. In contrast to other uninteresting, timid tropical fish, Discus fish will often interact with their owners. They have the capacity to identify their owner and interact with them, when their owner approaches the fish tank the Discus fish will dash to meet them. This species of fish loves to observe what is happening in their environment and on occasion sitting back and watching Television.

Building your Discus fish aquarium

A Discus aquarium is not difficult to build. There are plenty of step-by-step guides available online which you can use as a reference.

Picking the proper Discus aquarium is a very important factor of Discus care, be certain to go with a big, roomy aquarium. Do not ever store your Discus within a fish bowl. Because these fish are extremely energetic, you may wish them to be able to move around a little better. They want extra space for that reason you should find a sufficient tank for these Discus. The minimum size Discus tank is about Fifty five gallons, this is good for as many as Six Discus .

The typical habitat for Discus fish or any tropical fish is warmish, slightly acidic water, plant life of various kinds, assorted rocks and caves. If possible, simulate these surrounding as best you can, so that your Discus fish should live happily in their aquarium. control the PH of the water so it is of similar softness as their natural water (PH 6-7).

Equally, be sure that the water is free of toxins and chemicals. Several locations in the United States add different quantities of chloramines into the tap water. Discus tank water needs to have low levels of chloramines (ammonia and chlorine). Therefore Test and treat the water first prior to putting it in the fish tank.

Manage the water temperature inside the tank as well, the suitable temperature for any Discus aquarium is 84-86 F (or 26 to 31 C).


You can possibly prefer to beautify your Discus aquarium with plants or merely leave it bare bottom. Some owners choose bare bottom. A bare bottom fish tank is simpler to wash, as there is no pebbles, you never need to worry about cleaning crumbs of food caught inside the pebbles. In addition, it prevents fish hiding in stones and vegetation. However, if you will be breeding Discus fish, you may want to select a bare tank; this is the most frequent selection for Discus fish breeders as it is easier to have good circumstances for the Discus, without having to being worried about the vegetation.

A bare bottom Discus tank has only an air stone or power head, which enables circulation. A sponge filter is commonly installed for biological filtration. This is a less costly installation in comparison with a planted fish tank. But bear in mind, your aquarium would not appear to be as attractive.

At the end of the day, Discus care hasn't got to be too expensive. You can easily start out by having a bare bottom tank. After that, start adding in some accessories, toy, rock and plants, make certain you obtain a few accessories or plants so your Discus have a spot to hide, this is vitally important in keeping ones Discus fish happy.

Discus aquarium